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    Packing And unpacking

    Unpacking Services

    Just as time-consuming as the packing of your items is the unpacking that follows your move. Just Move DFW is proud to provide high quality unpacking services to customers transitioning to a new home, office, or commercial space. Depending on your tier of service, we will:

    — Bring all items into your home
    — Empty all boxes on a flat surface in your home, or
    — Unpack all boxes and place your belongings in the exact spot of your choosing

    Just as with our packing services we can unpack all of your belongings, or just the specific boxes of your choosing, offering you complete control and flexibility throughout your move.


    Packing Services

    At Just Move DFW, we understand that you may not have the time to pack for your move. Work and family obligations make it difficult to dedicate the necessary time to properly prepare for and pack items. With packing assistance from our team, we take the hassle out of the packing process. Once you contact a Roadway representative, we will schedule an appointment to visit your home or office to determine to assess your packing needs.

    You can choose to have your entire home professionally packed by our team, or select specific rooms you would like packed. Once we’ve gathered all the necessary information, we are ready to get packing! Our team will securely wrap, box, and/or crate your items to prevent damage during your move.

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